I am not scared of being like them. It’s the opposite. I feel like I’ve not been able to live for years. Maybe it’s because  I ’ m  d e a d.

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Orphan Black Meme | [4/7] Funny Moments

#i love delphine’s indignant face #’cosima are you not going to say something?!’

and cosima is like nope

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★Clone posters

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Participate in a Survey About Gender Diversity in Video Games





The <title> of this page is “Do Consumers Want More Women In Video Games?” The results of this survey will be presented at GDC15, so let’s tell ‘em a resounding “FUCK YEAH!”

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fucking tumblr bomb this shit

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"There’s obviously a bit of action in this. What’s it been like jumping into that, because I’m guessing you don’t really have a lot of experience in it…"

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Just watched the first Season of Orphan Black agaaaiiin.

I just Love Cophine!
Moments in Season 1 

AKB48 Oshimen part 3


—Here are some moments that prove Takamina’s self-sacrifice, protection and support for other members:
During their first episode in AKB 1じ59ふん! when the Bad Boys charged into the studio with a motorbike and literally chased the girls with it, she was the only one who carried Acchan’s life-size cutout (she was absent due to drama-filming) and even moved it in front of her body when the Bad Boys chased her, indicating that she would let the bike hit her first than the cutout that had the face of her best friend. 


                                 Takamina protecting ‘Acchan’

—And then in one of AKBingo Dokkiri episodes, Yuu-chan was an accomplice of the prank and pretended to break Sata’s precious guitar and put the blame on Takamina. Takamina’s response was she admitted she did it and even apologized for it.
                       Takamina sacrifices herself for Yuu-chan                                                  (notice how troubled Yuu-chan’s expression)
—Before being selected as a captain, she was already contributing a lot to the group. She always patrolled around during breaks to make sure everyone was okay and ready to the point she missed her own rest. In one of their rehearsals, she helped Sato Amina and Acchan in remembering dance steps.
                      “Is everyone okay?” Takamina’s thoughts

                                              “Like this…”

—Despite losing in the first round in a Janken Taikai, she went and congratulated her junior Uchida Mayumi by hugging her for winning the tournament.


                        Forget about her loss and focus on others

—As being shown in one of their documentaries, during in backstage Takamina is seen patting Akimoto Sayaka (Sayaka)’s head to calm her down, passing tissues to a crying member and then hugs a crying Sashihara Rino (Sasshi).


                         Mentally and physically supportive Takamina

—Itano Tomomi (Tomochin) and two of their juniors, Shimada Haruka (Hacchan) and Ichikawa Miori (Miorin) from 9th generation, confessed that whenever they have any performances and Takamina is away, she would send them mails that tell them to do their best and have fun even if they screw up.


                                Takamina’s words of encouragement

—Takajo Aki (Aki-cha) has the same route with Takamina so they always go home together and one time they stopped by to buy a drink (Aki-cha was thirsty) and Takamina went ahead to buy her own drink but when she returned she brought a drink that Aki-cha always drinks and praises her for her hard work.
                              Takamina, the Ikemen (Ideal guy)

—According to Kasai Tomomi (Tomo-mi), Takamina is always the one who bulk their spirits up. A perfect example is when they lost in 2010’s Record Awards, Takamina expressed she was frustrated they lost but cheered everyone up and encouraged them to do better so they could come back next year.

            The phrase ‘give up doesn’t exist in Takamina’s dictionary

—In one of AKBingo’s races, when Mayuyu cried because she lost and wished to prove everyone who underestimated her to be wrong, Takamina tried to comfort her by hugging her with a monkey suit, but then got pushed away because she was creepy.


          Poor Takamina attempts to cheer Mayuyu up but fails (lol)

To be continued in part 4

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

"Full Metal Bitch"    SHE IS SO HOT!

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高橋みなみ - twitter, instagram, google+, 755 (2014/09/15)

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"If you haven’t heard of the Bechdel Test, it’s a test of gender representation in the media. It has three criteria: a) there must be at least two women, who b) talk to each other, c) about something other than a man. Only half of all movies pass this test, most often because the female characters never talk to each other; they are defined by their relationships with men. By contrast, female characters and their relationships with each other are so central to the story of Orphan Black that [it] not only passes the Bechdel Test, but fails the reverse of the [it]." (x)